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Newlyweds? Setting A Budget, Choosing A Residential Moving Company, And More

by Melinda Herrera

Did you just get married and are moving in with someone else for the first time? If you've lived most of your adult life solo, take a look at what you need to know about everything from hiring a residential moving company to packing for your first couple's move.

Set A Moving Budget

How much money can you reasonably spend on a move? The National Association of Realtors' website notes that a two-to-three bedroom home (7,500 lbs) local move averages $1,250 and a long-distance move costs $4,890. If both you and your new spouse only have small studio apartments, these totals could fall below the expected average. But if you have larger homes, you would pay more. 

These estimates represent the mid-range costs you could expect to pay. If you spent a significant portion of your savings on your dream day or recently put a sizable downpayment on a new home, you may want to set a smaller moving budget. But if your parents paid for the wedding, one of you already owns a house, or you plan to use wedding gift money to fund your move, you may have more options. 

Choose A Home Mover Company Together

Your first move into a joint household marks the beginning of your life together. Not only will you bring both of your homes together into one, but this major milestone also marks a transition in your decision-making process. 

Before becoming a spouse, you had free reign to choose contractors on your own. But now you have someone else to consider. While you don't have to hand over the choice to your new husband or wife, this is just one of many decisions the two of you can make together as a couple. 

Make a list of everything both of you want and need in a home mover. Points on this list could include basic services at a budget price (if you have limited finances now), local moving, long-distance moving, moving specialty items (such as artwork, antiques, or instruments), and full-service or packing service moves.

Interview movers and review the estimates together. You can both gather reviews or referrals and compare the references and the quotes. You should feel completely comfortable with the moving company and confident in your choice. 

Pack Separately—And Together

You can each start your own separate packing process. Select items that are meaningful to you or non-negotiables. These could include photos, keepsakes, or investment pieces (such as artwork). Pack your items and ask your spouse to do the same. After you've both packed, inventory the boxes and bins. Create a master list that details what goes where in your new home. This can help you to create your own space and develop shared or common areas in your new household.

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