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Moving On A Budget: 3 Tips To Saving On Household Moving Services

by Melinda Herrera

Relocating to another home can be not only be time-consuming, but also expensive depending on the amount of stuff you need to pack and move. You can expect an interstate household move to cost an average of $4,300 and an intrastate household move to cost an average of $2,300. That's quite a lot to some families. You can still hire professional movers without forking over that much money. Here's 3 suggestions that might help.

Avoid Moving at the End of the Month

Moving services tend to be more expensive when the professional movers are swamped with work. If there is a huge demand for moving services, you can bet that the professional movers will up their service charges since there are plenty of homeowners who are willing to pay that price. You'll be able to shave off hundreds of dollars on the moving service costs by simply avoiding moving at the end of the month. This is generally when leases expire and new contracts are signed. Instead, try to move in the middle of month when it's less busy for the movers. There's more room for negotiation during these times.

Pack Your Stuff Ahead of Time

Most professional moving services will charge you by the hour and by the number of workers needed to get everything packed up and ready to go. You can save a lot of money on labor costs if you start packing yourself ahead of time. Simply purchase some moving boxes from a nearby home hardware store and start placing similar items within the same box. You can even save money on packing supplies if you go to nearby grocery stores and department stores to ask whether or not they have any spare cardboard boxes you can use.

Contemplate a Piggyback Moving Service

If you don't have much to move, hiring your own moving truck might be a waste of money. In these situations, take a look at whether or not there are any piggybacking moving services that are going your way. Basically, you'll be sharing the moving truck space with other homeowners who are relocating to a new home enroute to yours. Basically, you and the other homeowners will split the cost of hiring a moving truck. Do note that you'll need to be more flexible in regards to delivery times when you choose to use piggyback moving services.

Don't let the cost of relocating consume a huge chunk of your budget. You can easily implement different tips and techniques in order to get the best bargains and deals around. Don't hesitate to request an estimate from several different professional moving services to determine which company can offer you the most bang for your buck.

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