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3 Tips for Retiring to a New Home out of State

by Melinda Herrera

Whether it's for better weather or a lower cost of living, some people decide to pack up and move after retirement. For some, this may mean a move within the state. For others, a move to a new state is required. The actual number of people who decide to move after retirement is lower than many realize. Only about 5% of Americans age 55 and older decide to move. However, for those that do decide to make the jump, it can be quite the process. Here are three tips for retiring to a new out of state home.

Packing Is Key

Over the years, it's easy to accumulate a lot of stuff. What retirees should consider is whether or not they want to haul all that stuff with them to their new homes. The more items that need to be moved, the more expensive the process can be. Downsizing is a key part of any move for anyone post retirement. One great way to deal with the packing process is by hiring a senior move manager. These professionals cost between $40 and $125 per hour and help seniors downsize, pack, and get ready for their big move.

Do-It-Yourself Moving Is Possible

Moving to a new state can be an expensive process. One way to save is by renting a truck and completing the move without professional help. For retirees who are still in good shape or who have the help of their children, this is certainly a possibility. While this may save money over a hiring a full service moving company, it's still not cheap. The cost to move the contents of a three bedroom home across the country is around $1,900 to $3,080. This doesn't include the cost of meals or staying in hotel rooms along the way. 

Hiring Professionals Makes Moving Easy

Another option is to hire full service professional movers. These types of moving companies deal with everything. They pack up the contents of the old home and then move them to the new home. For retirees who are not in the best physical shape or who want a no-hassle move, this is a great choice. However, the price tag for this type of move can be high. The average cost to do a full service across country move for a three bedroom home is $9,000 to $11,600.

Moving after retirement is a goal for many Americans. For those who actually do decide to head to a different location, there are a few things to keep in mind. Packing up is an important part of any move, and there are professionals who can help do this. A do-it-yourself move can be possible, but it may not be the right choice for everyone. The most expensive but lowest hassle option is to hire professional movers to do all the work.