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4 Tips For Unpacking Your New Home Quickly

by Melinda Herrera

When getting ready to move from one place to another, the idea of how long the venture will take can be quite overwhelming. However, preparing yourself to unpack in your new home quickly can definitely make the move much faster. Here are four tips to help you do this:

  1. Don't Unpack Dressers: Think of your dressers, desk drawers, toy boxes, and more as free moving boxes. Instead of packing everything up that is inside of them, you should leave them in the drawers and hire professional movers to get these items to and from the moving truck. When you do this, just be sure that you wrap up the drawers with tape so that the drawers do not open and close while moving, which is dangerous and can cause damage. 
  2. Don't Take Clothes Off the Hangers: The clothes should just be packed up in garbage bags from the bottom while still hanging from the hangers. This will keep them clean during the move but will ensure that once you reach your new home, you can immediately hang them up in the closet and remove the bags. 
  3. Pack and Stock up on Non-Perishables: Don't bother packing some of the perishable food items. This is only going to make the move more stressful and it will take up more space. Instead, get non-perishables packed and stock up on some extras that you can use to make quick meals during the move. Not only will this save you money on food during the move, but it will make unpacking at your new home much easier since you won't have to take time to go out and buy meals. 
  4. Put Boxes in Their Designated Areas: All the boxes should be labeled by room. This way, when you are unloading the truck, the boxes can be put in the rooms where they belong instead of all being gathered into the main living space. Once you are ready to start unpacking, you don't have to worry about carrying anything too heavy up or down stairs or to another room. 

When you know these four tips to help you unpack your new home quickly, the move to a new home can be made much less stressful. Be sure to hire professional movers who will also help with this process. In the end, you can be sure that you settle into your new home quickly and make it feel like your home in no time. Contact a company like Father & Son Moving & Storage for more tips.