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Securely Pack China Dinnerware Prior to Moving to a New Residence

by Melinda Herrera

If you getting ready to move to a new residence and are worried about china dinnerware pieces breaking while they are being transported, pack them with the following steps so that each piece is intact upon its arrival.


  • roll of cushioned wrap
  • scissors
  • clear tape
  • packing paper
  • blank adhesive labels
  • permanent marker
  • list of items packed
  • measuring tape
  • corrugated carton dividers
  • large plastic tubs
  • matching lids
  • foam pieces
  • packing tape
  • tape dispenser
  • large adhesive labels
  • handle with care labels

Secure Pieces with Layers of Cushioned Wrap and Packing Paper

Place all of the china pieces in your collection on a table. Unroll cushioned wrap and set the first piece of china flat on top of it. Roll the wrap securely around the piece several times. Cut the wrap with a pair of sharp scissors and secure the edge of the wrap with strips of clear tape.

Wrap a layer or two of packing paper around the cushioned layers and use scissors to cut the paper once you are finished. Again, place a couple strips of clear tape across the edges of the paper to secure it. Secure a blank adhesive label to a portion of the packing paper and use a permanent marker to write down which piece from your china collection is wrapped inside of the packing materials. Wrap the remaining dinnerware by completing the same steps.

Place Pieces In A Divided Container

Purchase corrugated dividers that contain sections that are wide and long enough to snugly hold each piece that is wrapped. Make sure that the dividers also will fit securely inside of large plastic tubs that you will be using to pack multiple wrapped pieces in. Place a divider inside of each tub that you are using.

Before placing a wrapped dinnerware piece in each slot, write a list of all of the items that are wrapped in a notebook so that you can refer to it prior to and after the move if desired. Once the tubs are full, add foam pieces to each one to fill in empty space.

Label Each Tub's Exterior

After a lid is attached to each tub, place a strip of packing tape across the sides of each lid to prevent them from coming loose. Apply a large, blank label to the top of each tub ad label all of them with a brief description of the contents that are packed inside. Apply stickers to each tub that instruct that they should be handled with care, as well.