How to Choose the Best Storage Facility

Organization And Your Storage Unit

by Melinda Herrera

One mistake people frequently make when they rent a storage unit (such as one from Redondo Van & Storage) is to organize it the way they did their basement or closets at home. In other words, they don't. They simply bring over loads of items they no longer want in their home and dump them haphazardly in a storage unit, ensuring that they will never be able to find anything in the unit until they move all the items out. A simple organizational plan will maximize your unit space and allow you easy access to the items you are storing, which is the reason you probably rented the space in the first place.

The Big Stuff

Unless you will need access to that freezer or flowered sofa soon, plan to put those items in the back or on the sides of the unit. They are the space suckers and will be less intrusive if they are close to a wall. Try and store your big furniture pieces vertically to save space. Stack your chairs. Once theses items are in place, you can work forward to place your other items. If you are storing a mattress or two, use a protector to keep them free of dirt, mold, and mildew.  

Boxed Items

Correctly packing your boxes for storage is an art form. You never want the boxes to be completely packed with heavy items, but you do want them to be relatively full to prevent them from caving in or toppling over. If you are packing books, put a few in the bottom of the box and put other lighter objects on top. Of course, this method will confuse you if you do not properly label your boxes. Experts recommend using no more than two box sizes to make stacking them easier. Place whatever items you can in these boxes to protect them from getting dirty.


Do not over-pack your unit. You need to keep a walkway so that you can access items that you need. You also want to leave a little room between the walls and your boxes and/or furniture so your items can "breathe." Good air flow will cut down on dampness that can damage your items. 

A storage unit will not really help you if it is disorganized. If you are keeping things there that you occasionally need, you must be able to find them quickly. Make up a plan before you move your belongings to the facility and stick to it so your storage unit will truly benefit you.