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4 Tips For Storing Your Dishes

by Melinda Herrera

If you're storing your dishes and fine china for longer than a few weeks, it's really important to make sure that they stay safe. How you pack your dishes and how you put them into the box makes a huge difference in whether they store well or not. Follow these tips to help your dishes survive even long term storage.

Wrapping Your Dishes

Before you start wrapping up your dishes, prepare the box. Put a piece of bubble wrap in the bottom of the box and line the sides with additional pieces of bubble wrap. Use bubble wrap around each individual piece of china or dishware. Between each dish, place another piece of bubble wrap or a piece of felt cut to size. If the box is large enough for multiple stacks of dishes, place bubble wrap between each stack.

Stacking Your Dishes

While you're stacking your dishes, take care to only place a handful in each stack. This helps to keep the stack from toppling over in the box and it also keeps the upper dishes from being too heavy for the dishes on the bottom of the stack. If you have any dishes that have been broken or chipped, make sure to keep them on the top of the stack to keep them from incurring more damage.

Storing Items with Lids

If you have any items with lids, wrap the lid and the rest of the dish individually in bubble wrap. Put the lid back into its matching dish, upside down. To keep the lid and the dish from separating, tie them together with twine. Lidded items tend to be larger, such as soup tureens or baking dishes, so they're usually heavier as well. Put these at the bottom of the box.

Attach an Inventory

If you're storing your dishes for longer than a few weeks, you're very likely to forget what's in each box. Solve that problem by taking pictures of the items in the box before you wrap them and seal them inside. Tape a written inventory as well as the pictures to the top of the box so that you have the information readily available when you take the dishes back out of storage.

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